An article came out today listing nearly 500 products that use an ingredient which is used to make yoga mats and flip flops.  It's written by David Andrew's, PHD.  The ingredient is ADA and here are just a few of the companies that are feeding it to you.........

America's Choice (REALLY?), Amigo's, Aunt Hattie's, Aunt Millie's (my aunts would never have fed me flip flops), Ball Park, Betty Crocker (ohhh, Betty), Country Hearth, Earth Grains (EARTH GRAINS???), Fiber One, Harvest Pride, Healthy Life (grrrrrrr), Hormel, Hungry-Man, Ihop, Jimmy Dean, Little Debbie, Marie Calendar's (Yoga Mat Pie?), Mother's, Nature's Own, Orowheat, Pillsbury, Saralee, Smuckers, The Bakery at Walmart (I'm shocked!!!), Van De Camp's, White Castle, Weight Watcher's (you may glow in the dark, but you'll be thin), Subway (who was the only one who said they would take the ADA out of their bread).

You can read the whole article and see who is feeding us rubber at

I love eggnog anything in my coffee but, of course, there wasn't anything real I could get in the store.  I haven't had an eggnog latte' in years!  I finally figured out how to make an all natural eggnog coffee creamer that is made with only real food.  It dissolves instantly in hot or cold water.  Add it to your coffee or tea, have eggnog oatmeal or eggnog popcorn!  Yummmm!!! 

What are your ideas?  What would you like to turn into an eggnog delight?

Make Great Life Curry Veggie Burger patties and while still warm, dip them in a mixture of Parmesan Cheese and Sesame Seeds.  Then fry in Sesame oil until you get this crunchy, cheesey, sesame crunch of the outside.  Oh boy, it's out of this world.  You can serve it on a bun but I like to serve it on a bed of rice on top of fresh spinach.  You can also make a curry sauce to drizzle over this dish by heating plain yogurt in a sauce pan, adding a spoon of curry powder and whisking until smooth.  Delicious and lowfat! 

It isn't that hard to take the junk out of your food.  Try taking our Great Life Sweet Treat Powders to the office with some all natural granola.  You don't need to bring milk because real milk is in the mix.  Just add a touch of water and even bran flakes will taste good :)  We use real nuts and delicious spices to make our powders. 



    Lucinda is the owner and product guru of Great Life REAL FOOD products.  Her commitment to making real food products that were easy to make started with a pair of glasses and a container of powdered coffee creamer.  "Wow, look at all these terrible ingredients.  There isn't any food in here at all....."  This and a movie night watching "Food Inc." and that was it!  Lucinda decided we all needed to just say "NO!" to big corporations, feeding us cheap junk ingredients because they only care about money.

    Great Life comes from the All Great Things Farmer's Market Cafe in Depoe Bay, OR


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