Great Life by Lucinda is a small woman owned business in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Lucinda started her product line after watching the eye opening documentary, Food Inc.
It was clear that big business is all about the money so she decided to give you another choice. The next morning, she read the ingredients panel of her powdered coffee creamer. ALL the ingredients were awful, science project stuff! So, she worked until she found a mix that wouldn't make you glow in the dark, like the others. Becoming a label reader, she found many of the products on the shelf that said they were good for you, really weren't at all. Then she moved to making a plant based meat alternative with only real food ingredients that you just add water too. Soups were crazy bad so she came up with real soups as well. Her products are healthy, easy to make and delicious! Lucinda will never stop finding new ways to feed you real food.