Veggie Burger Mix

Cajun Veggie Burger Mix

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About the product

  • Great Life by Lucinda Instant Veggie Burger mix is all natural, no GMO Ingredients, no Soy, & instant (just hot water)!
  • This veggie burger mix has just a slight Cajun spice with mixed bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and celery
  • Make burgers, tacos, "Meatballs" and more!
  • Make wraps, add to soup or serve over rice and veggies!
  • Veggie Burger mix is not just for vegetarians and vegans. It's awesome for everyone!
  • Each bag makes about 6 burgers.  Make one at a time if you like and just keep in the cupboard,
  • Great Life by Lucinda instant veggie burger mix is great for travel, camping or hiking too!
  • It's shelf stable with a naturally long shelf life that makes it a great emergency stash food!